K.  10' x 16' Cedar Shingled Building.
Extra Vinyl Window.  
$7,650. (SOLD)
M.  8' x 10' Painted Horizontal Ship Lap Pine. Vinyl Window, Steel Entry Door, Higher Roof, and Gable Overhang. 
$5,150  (SOLD)
E.  10' x 16' T 1-11 with an Extra Window. $6,225
N.  10' x 16' Cedar Shingled Building.
Gray Trim, Red Door, Extra Wood Window.  
$7,925. (SOLD)
C.  8' x 16' Pine with 4' Porch. 
Insulated Pine Floor, Porch Detail, Vinyl Windows, Steel Entry Door, Poly Floor.
$7,840  (SOLD) 

C U R R E N T   S T O C K 
S H E D   C I T Y   I N C . 
2121 Atlantic Highway
Warren, ME  04864
e-mail cheryl@shedcity.com​
L.  8' x 10' Cedar.
Higher Pitch, Gable End Overhang, Transom Window, 3' entry door with sash.  Pressure Treated Joists. 
$6,200  (SOLD)
I.  10' x 16' Painted Gray Smart Side
with Vinyl Window.  
G.  10' x 16' Smart Side.
Extra Window, Painted Two Colors.
D.  12' x 24' Unfinished Interior Cabin.
Insulated Floor, Multiple Insulated Windows, AZEK trim, Overhang, Steel Entry Door.
B.  14' x 20' Timber Frame.
Ready for sheathing, windows, trim, etc.
Can be dis-assembled here and put back
together on your land. 
$11,700 (SOLD)

A.  10' x 16' Cedar Shingled,
Carriage Style Roof, Extra Window,
Black Iron Hardware.
$8,530  (SOLD)

F.  10' x 16' Cedar with Interior Wall.
Two Nine Light Windows, Extra 5’ Set of Doors, Cedar Shingled Roof, Black Iron Hardware, Higher Roof, Overhang, ECO Wood Preservative.
$12,460  (SOLD)
H.  10' x 16' Board and Batten.
Carriage Style Roof, Sashes in the Doors, Extra Vinyl Window, AZEK Trim. Maintenance Free.
J.  8' x 16' Cedar.
Higher Pitch Roof, Four Windows, Overhang, Painted Two Colors, and Two Interior Lofts.